Dating in Greece: What to Expect? Your Locals Guide for 2023

Dating in Greece can be an appealing concept whether you have recently moved to the country or you are just travelling through. Greeks, and Southern Europeans generally, are warm, friendly, passionate people.  Better still, dating in Greece allows you a glimpse into the culture and lifestyle that the average tourist will not get. You will … Read more

Varvakios Agora: Your Local’s Guide to Athens Central Market [2023]

Varvakios Agora (Athens Central Market) is a worthwhile stopping point during any trip to the Greek capital. This is the city’s largest and oldest indoor market.  The Varvakios Agora, Athens  The Varvakios Agora first opened its doors way back in 1886 and it has been one of the most popular places to shop for meat, … Read more

3 days in Athens Itinerary for 2023: Written by a Local

3 days in Athens is a good amount of time to have an initial introduction to the Greek capital and all of the wonderful things that it has to offer. While you could easily spend a week in Athens and still leave feeling as though you haven’t seen everything, three days in Athens is sufficient … Read more

Best Gyros in Athens: Your 2023 Insiders Guide

The best gyros in Athens? Ask ten different locals and get ten different answers. There is arguably no such thing as a bad gyro. This street food classic is essentially one of Greece’s national dishes after all.  However, everyone has different preferences. Some gyro places prepare or season their meat in unique ways.  Others prepare … Read more

Hadrian’s Library Athens

Hadrian’s Library in Athens is a prominent structure in the beating heart of Monastiraki. It is one of the most important sites that still exists from the Roman occupation of Southern Greece.  Today, the modern city of Athens has grown around Hadrian’s library. Locals and travellers alike sip Freddo espressos and tuck into mixed grill … Read more

Best Brunch in Athens Greece: 10 Places Recommended by a Local [2023]

Looking for the best brunch in Athens? This guide has got you covered.  Going out for brunch is a relatively new concept in Greece. However, eclectic places to grab a coffee and a late morning bite to eat have emerged in a big way in recent years, particularly in Athens and Thessaloniki.  This is perhaps … Read more

Best Souvlaki in Athens: 8 Great Places According to a Local

The best souvlaki in Athens is certainly something you want to discover during your trip to the Greek capital. While there is arguably no such thing as a bad souvlaki restaurant, there are always those places that stand out above the crowd.  Best Souvlaki in Athens  The truth is, that Athenians don’t always venture into … Read more

Temple of Olympian Zeus Athens

The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion) in Athens is one of a plethora of sun-bleached Ancient Greek ruins that you will find scattered around the country’s capital. It is situated slightly out of the historic centre – just behind Hadrian’s Arch, and accessible from Leof. Vasilissis Olgas Boulevard.  Its millennia-old pillars provide a stark contrast … Read more

Ermou Street Athens: The Greek Capital’s Main Shopping Street

Ermou street Athens is to the Greek capital what Oxford Street is to London. This is the city´s main high street and it is perpetually bursting with life and activity.  By day, you can barely move for students and shoppers. You will see highbrow Athenians dashing along its cobbles on their lunch breaks as they … Read more